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A passion turned into a business

From the time i was a young woman i have always used food as a escape . I went through a abusive marriage and with everything that i lost this God given gift was the one thing he couldnt take from me.One day i decided to listen to the voice of God and step out on faith to be a full time buisness owner . I knew it wouldnt be easy due to me being a mom of 5 ,a wife , and battling with a disease on a daily basis but Gods grace has proven to be more powerful than everything i ever faced in life .

Today We have over 30 cake flavors 20 treats and a line of Custom Bakery Bar Desserts that i have created from scratch . We travel all over the U.S setting up events and leaving sweet memories i love what i do and i am sure you will too ! If its one thing i have learned in life its to have faith and never give up .Create your own sweet ending's!!!!!


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