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A passion turned into a business

From the time i was a young woman i have always used food as a escape . I went through a abusive marriage and with everything that i lost this God given gift was the one thing he couldnt take from me.One day i decided to listen to the voice of God and step out on faith to be a full time buisness owner . I knew it wouldnt be easy due to me being a mom of 5 ,a wife , and battling with a disease on a daily basis but Gods grace has proven to be more powerful than everything i ever faced in life .

Today We have over 30 cake flavors 20 treats and a line of Custom Bakery Bar Desserts that i have created from scratch . We travel all over the U.S setting up events and leaving sweet memories i love what i do and i am sure you will too ! If its one thing i have learned in life its to have faith and never give up .Create your own sweet ending's!!!!!


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18 mag 2021

What I love about Mrs. Queen is her sprit and She is so sweet and very inspirational. She is very detail with her work and on point and not to mention her treats are very good, but what makes her stand out from the rest is she incorporate God in everything she does. She has the personality that will draw anyone and she really makes you feel welcome. She will always be my go to person for any event I have and I have made a new friend for a life time. May God Bless you in everything you set out to do. Love ya

Mi piace
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